gentleGentoo Lazy Entry — a metadata.xml generator 2 months
nimbusNimbus – a Nim build system 3 months
nim-patchesCollection of patches for Nim by Anna (cybertailor) Vyalkova 4 months
gshardsSmall helper tools to aid installing Crystal packages in Gentoo 5 months
linkgen-webStatic site generator for Linktree-like webpages 12 months
levochkiОбщедоступные ресурсы ридинг-группы по лев...14 months
lowdown.cgiCGI script to serve Markdown as HTML or Gemtext using lowdown 15 months
sotdGemini server of the day 23 months
sysrq-articlesArticles you can find on website2 years
based_uno_bot[Unmaintained] Telegram Bot that allows you to play UNO via inline queries - Que...3 years
eclassdoc[WIP] Write eclass documentation in mdoc 2 years
kulupu[WIP] Kirigami-based client for Pleroma/Mastodon 2 years